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Bets That Work With The Paroli Roulette System

The Paroli system is applicable to both indoor and outdoor bets. However, it is better to place outside bets. Indeed, betting on simple chances (red, black, even, odd, pass, and miss) will give you more mathematical chances of accumulating wins.

Is This System Worth Using?

We share the view that the Paroli system is much more promising than its counterpart with negative progression (martingale). Why? Let us explain it to you!

Paroli VS. Martingale

The Paroli system is often defined as the exact opposite of martingale. Where the martingale system starts from the premise that the losing streak is not intended to last long, the Paroli system focuses instead on consecutive victories. In absolute terms, the Paroli system presents fewer risks. Indeed, large bets are made using the winnings that you have accumulated in previous rounds. They do not constitute a financial sacrifice from your bankroll. Conversely, martingale aficionados use their own money to double their bets after each defeat. The martingale is a negative progression system that often generates more losses than gains.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Paroli System

Since it commands you to double your bets after each win, the Paroli system can present certain dangers. However, keep in mind that betting systems are sometimes worth their weight in gold! Like most things in life, the Paroli system has its pros and cons. Here is the exhaustive list!


  • You will have no trouble getting to know the Paroli system. All you have to do is double your stake after each win.
  • If you choose to practice the Paroli system on one of your favorite casino games, you won’t need an inordinate bankroll to win.
  • Keep in mind that each round is independent of the previous or the next.
  • You will be able to generate constant small wins by using your basic bet and the profits, which will result from your successive victories to place large stakes.
  • Unlike the martingale, the Paroli system does not command you to recover the losses suffered. You will not have to double your bets after each loss.
  • You will greatly minimize the risk of causing considerable damage to your budget since you will only use your basic stake and the gains from your consecutive victories.


  • You will very rarely win 3 times in a row. It will only happen once or twice. You can generate some small profits in the short term, but you will have to replace a basic stake after each defeat.
  • Before using it, be aware that the Paroli system will not always help you generate gains. That said, the house advantage will not be affected. If you choose to use the Paroli system, also learn how to effectively manage your gaming capital.
  • If you alternate victories and defeats (a fairly common situation), your bankroll will inevitably melt like snow in the sun.

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