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2nd February 2017

RAVE TOP 10 TRENDS FOR 2017 T1. Digital Chat-back 2017 will be the year when digital will start ‘chatting back’. It will be when marketing gets so personal that it seems to know what we’re thinking. From chatbots to virtual assistants, conversations with robots will increasingly become a part of our everyday interactions with brands. The best will have brand personality designed into them, but as machine learning progresses, robots will become increasingly fluent at speaking ‘human’. If you’ve ever taken…

The Magnificent Seven

13th October 2016

Over the past 16 years we have grown and adapted to our ever changing environment. However, one thing has remained the same – the quality of creative that we deliver to our clients. This is Rave and these are our magnificent seven. What we believe to be our seven most memorable campaigns to date.   1 The Texan Hooker (Victory Motorcycles) In 2009, this was a huge hit with industry peers. It was a series of ads that had attitude and personality. The…

Getting seen, heard and loved online (when, how and what to post)

17th June 2016

Working out how to get your content seen, heard and loved (or when, how and what to post online) is every content marketer’s challenge. Use the advice in this blog to help find a formula that works and watch your brand engagement and brand love grow. 1. Getting your content seen Making sure your content gets seen by the people you want to see it is fundamental to any successful content marketing strategy. After all, there’s no point slogging away…

Earning brand loyalty through brilliant communications and great customer experiences

17th June 2016

Big budget marketing campaigns designed to get your brand seen will help create brand awareness, establish presence, build excitement – and even convert brand interest into customers, but what then? How do you retain your hard-won customers and establish your brand as their brand of choice? Brand loyalty is the answer. Earning brand loyalty and the coveted, brand ‘feel-good factor’ depends, to a large degree, on consistently delivering outstanding individual experiences through relevant, customer-focussed brand communication. And we don’t just…

Inbound Marketing: Driving Website Traffic

17th June 2016

Inbound marketing is an emerging technique that can radically grow relevant traffic to websites and subsequently convert visitor into qualified leads. The introduction of the Hummingbird update to the Google search algorithm in August 2013 radically changed the ranking of websites. Prior to this many sites could achieve high ranking by being skilful at technical search engine optimisation. Post-Hummingbird, SEO skills alone are no longer sufficient to achieve high rankings.   The search update places the emphasis on high quality content…

Brand Guidelines: the tool your brand can’t survive without

17th June 2016

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again - a strong brand is more than a logo and a funky strapline. No matter how creative or memorable. Our post on what makes a strong brand explains how a strong brand has clarity and certainty on its mission, vision, values, personality, voice, and, yes, its logo and strapline. Clarity and certainty help brands build consistency, which in turn helps create familiarity and recognition – all of which helps build consumer…

5 ways to build your brand and win customers with inbound marketing

17th June 2016

Do you need a secret brand-building weapon? Inbound marketing could be the answer. This blog shows you how. For inbound marketing techniques think blogs, infographics, podcasts, webinars, photos and videos – shareable, entertaining or educational content that offers something of value to potential customers. Inbound marketing is a more subtle, less obtrusive approach than traditional, outgoing marketing (typically print, radio or tv advertising). It attracts people when they’re looking for, or are receptive to information, rather than interrupting them with…

What makes a strong brand?

17th June 2016

A strong brand is more than a logo and a funky strapline. No matter how creative or memorable. A strong brand goes to the very heart of what a successful business represents, and is the foundation upon which it is built. Take household names, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Facebook, Disney and BMW. All strong, easily recognisable labels. It’s by no coincidence that they rank in Forbes’ Global Top 20 World’s Most Valuable Brands.  In textbook speak, a brand is…

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