5 steps to running a successful influencer marketing campaign

Running an influencer marketing campaign may not be top of your marketing strategy but it should certainly form part of it. After all, influencer marketing (when done right) is an invaluable tool to developing brand awareness.

Here’s 5 steps to running a successful influencer marketing campaign:

Step 1 – Find an experienced agency  

Find a specialist marketing agency that has successfully delivered an influencer programme for clients. You want to work with people that know the platforms relevant to your brand and have the right tools to find and build an influencer database in line with your strategy.

Step 2 – Consider content

Consider the type of content that you want influencers to be sharing. Have you just launched a new product or have a specific message that you want to get across? Don’t try and flood the market with lots of different messages – ensure you have a specific message and end goal in mind. The type of content you require will help to identify the right influencers.

Step 3 – Ensure authenticity

54% of millennials use social media to research products before they buy, so it’s important that the influencers you choose to work with are actually invested in your brand. Authenticity is key – it has the power to move people through fresh and engaging content.

Step 4 – Set aside a budget

Influencer collaborations have started to replace traditional ads and form an integral part of social media strategies. It’s worth setting aside an influencer budget and your agency can decide whether it’s worth paying an influencer to create content based on their following, engagement rate and social outputs.

Step 5 – Measure outputs

A successful influencer partnership can be measured by the number of impressions and the engagement rate. But it can also be measured by a good relationship – has the influencer delivered more social outputs than you agreed, have they attended brand events in an effort to maintain that relationship, have they remained brand loyal?

Remember, to run a successful influencer marketing campaign, your goal should not just be focused on increasing sales but rather improving brand reach, site traffic and content creation.

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