Digital marketing trends: 5 quick tips for the building and construction industry

Keeping on top of the latest digital marketing tools and trends is essential if you’re serious about marketing for the building industry and growing a successful construction business.

But whilst knowing your bots from your bounces, and your hashtags from your HTMLs can mean the difference between sink or swim, the pace of change in digital marketing is staggering and it’s not always easy keeping up.

That’s why we’ve created this quick-read guide to digital marketing trends for the building and construction industry for 2018 and beyond.

Rave’s digital marketing trends for 2018 and beyond

Make it mobile

From online research to online shopping, booking a hair appointment to ordering a takeaway, and keeping up with friends to managing emails from the boss, savvy consumers use screen technology, whether smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC for virtually every aspect of their lives.

It’s fast, it’s efficient and, thanks to smartphone tech, it’s available 24/7.

Almost everyone has a smartphone. Research from Deloitte indicates that 85% of the UK adult population own, or have access to a smartphone (a figure that is rising, year on year). Perhaps more significantly, over half of all respondents check their phones within the first fifteen minutes of waking up – a behaviour pattern that illustrates just how integral digital technology is to everyday life.

Successful business owners and marketers know that investing in digital and keeping on top of the latest digital marketing trends is the only way to monetise the potential in the nation’s back pocket.

Websites and emails need to be optimised for mobile. No ifs or buts. No funky fonts or graphics, and definitely no slow load times. Just smooth, slick gateways to your brand.

Data, data, data

There’s so much data out there – make it work for you.

There’s a whole host of keyword and trending tools that you can use to identify the best search terms and keywords for any given topic, topics that are trending, what content ranks best, how competitors get their traffic, and so on.

Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner and Google Adwords immediately spring to mind, but because there’s so many tools to choose from, depending on what you want to achieve, take a look at this blog from on the best digital marketing tools for 2018.

Use the data you gather well. Build profiles of your customers and their typical purchase behaviours – what makes them click, and what makes them switch off. Then build your marketing around their purchase journey.

One of the biggest and best platforms for getting your brand in front of potential customers is Facebook. With the vast amount of data that Facebook gathers, its ability to position ads right in front of the people who matter (your potential customers) is irresistible for marketers.

Not only that, but as a mobile ad platform, Facebook (and Instagram et al.) can drip-feed your ads in front of your customers throughout the day, whenever they’re scrolling.

Make it personal

269 billion emails. That’s how many emails are sent each day (not how many emails we receive each day – your inbox may be full, but it’s not that full.). We all get more emails than we can read, digest and respond to, and the delete button is only a short swipe away.

Give your emails a fighting chance by giving them a friendly (and personalised) hello, “Hello Jack…” – let’s make anonymous email blasts a thing of the past.

And don’t stop at hello. Landing pages, shopping carts and even packaging; the entire process can, and should be personalised.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is B2B or B2C – people matter. Even with business transactions there’s always an individual making the final purchase decision, pressing the button, swiping the credit card and opening the packaging at the other end. Keep them happy and they’ll come back for more.

Show off with video

Do you have brilliant products that are tricky to explain?

Specialist tools or technical pieces that are best ‘seen in action’?

Or building projects where scale plans and brochure imagery simply can’t match up to guided tours?

Video is the answer.

From ‘how to’ guides, to product demos and testimonials, video helps your customers immediately understand your product’s proposition, quality and functionality.

Not only that, but video can help you rank in search and when embedded into websites can help draw people in and keep their attention, reducing bounce rates and increasing conversions, whilst tools such as Facebook Live are helping make video marketing via social media easier than ever before.

The Deloitte research illustrates the growing value of video. More and more people are watching video on their phones than ever before, with more than half (58%) of smartphone owners watching at least one form of video content on their smartphones every week (up from 18% in 2012).

Statistics reported by Hubspot suggest that 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers and that 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

If you’re not yet using video as part of your digital marketing strategy, doing so could revolutionise the way that you communicate your brand and build your relationships with your customers.

But whilst video is a brilliant tool to use, if you’re going to do it, do it properly – shaky video with the home-made feel is perfect for recording Granny’s birthday party – less so the launch of your latest ground-breaking technology.

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Everyone loves a freebie – that’s something that no amount of technology will ever change, and the building and construction industry is no different.

Use your digital marketing and social media platforms to run giveaways and other competitions to raise your profile and brand or product awareness, gain likes or shares, launch a new product or simply gain brand equity.

Running a freebie promotion is a great way to start conversations with new consumers, get people talking about your brand and sharing your page.

If you’re looking for an integrated marketing agency in Birmingham who can talk you through these digital marketing trends or carry out a thorough analysis of your business and products to help you identify what areas of your marketing strategy need support, get in touch or call John on 01675 467 462/ 07748 114444 or email

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