Halloween 2018: Four scarily powerful campaigns

It’s official, Britain loves to be scared. In fact, according to Mintel, Brits will spend £419 million on Halloween this year, up by 5% from £400 million in 2017.

It’s no wonder then that we all love a campaign that gives us goose bumps and makes us gulp. Whatever the desired emotion, a great campaign is powerful, precise and people-focused. By that we mean, strong creative and a message that speaks directly to its target audience. Above all, campaign creators want the audience to feel something ­– and that something is real emotion.

To celebrate Halloween 2018, we’ve rounded-up four of our favourite scarily powerful advertising campaigns that genuinely made us all feel something.


Sandy Hook Promise – Evan

This clever ad uses the concept of a plot twist to its full advantage. Evan is an unassuming school boy whose sweet story distracts the audience from the chilling events happening in the background. The campaign is designed to raise awareness of the signs of gun violence planning, and does so perfectly.

Sanzer – What You Really Touch?

Hand gel manufacturer Sanzer found a way to bring the rather dry message of germs to life with some pretty shocking and gruesome imagery. While health companies largely rely on stats and facts to communicate their messages, the images used in the Sanzer campaign very much speak for themselves.

Source: Ads of the World.

LG – So Real It’s Scary

Storytelling and products go hand-in-hand when it comes to video content, and LG clearly knew it in 2012. To showcase the lifelike technology behind its new range of IPS monitors, the home electronics company produced a video in which unaware members of the public experienced a very frightening scenario that we’ve all no doubt imagined at some point in our lives.

Duracell – Some Toys Never Die

What makes one battery better than another? A long life. That’s what Duracell set out to communicate in its eerie print advertising campaign, ‘Some Toys Never Die’. While children are enjoying playing with their newer toys, their older toys still have enough battery to creep up on them.

Source: Ads of the World.

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