How can we use UX to improve customer loyalty?

The digital customer experience is quickly becoming as important to customers as the product and price on offer. The digital experience is synonymous with brand identity[1], and with competition at every turn, it’s crucial for brands to understand what their consumer likes and dislikes in order to improve their brand loyalty.

So, how can we offer an out of this world user experience that will improve customer loyalty? Our Graphic Designer, Lucy, gives us an insight into UX…

Get to know your audience

Creating audience personas should be your first port of call when choosing how to interact with your customers. This helps us to understand our customers’ needs and what they expect from an online experience, and to identify the users we are designing the experience for[2].

Test your design

Although often overlooked, usability testing reduces the risk of launching a customer platform that simply doesn’t work. Trialling your design enables you to pick up on any faults before your user does. This reduces costs in the long run and allows you test your brand message[3].

Make a good first impression

When a user lands on your website, it takes them less than 1/5 of a second to form their first opinion of your brand[4]. It is therefore vital that the first impression the user gets from your website is positive. Don’t overwhelm them with lots of unnecessary information! This causes user frustration and is a sure-fire way to lose their attention. If the first interaction is positive, they are more likely to use your platform again and again. Put someone off at the first hurdle, and they may never return.

Create a personalised experience

Customers are becoming increasingly accustomed to a tailored digital experience. It has been reported that personalising the user experience can lead to a 20% increase in sales, with personalised emails being 26% more likely to be opened[5]. The most effective way to do this is to use previous customer experiences to personalise your marketing messages to the individual user. Even something as simple as addressing an email “Hello Jack”, instead of “Hello there”, can boost customer loyalty.

Stick to one consistent message

Bombarding your user with lots of mixed messages, will not only create confusion, but your customer retention levels will drop like flies. Be consistent. Use one single message that can be rolled out across multiple platforms. This offers a far more concise brand identity that gives your user a straight to the point message, driving brand loyalty and increasing sales conversions.

All brands have the same goal; to create a loyal customer base that share their positive brand experiences and make repeat purchases. The answer? Get to know your users and reiterate this in your UX design.


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