How to get the best out of a creative agency

One of the trickiest questions that creative agencies get asked is; ‘what do you do?’. The answer is never simple. But to give you a broad definition; a creative agency offers marketing services, expert creatives, and a hands-on design team with a goal to developing creative marketing strategies to make your business stand out from the crowd. Despite there being so many different services that creative agencies offer, there are similarities with how to get the very best outputs from a creative agency. We speak to Account Manager, Amy, who shares a few tips…

Set objectives

Before starting work with an agency, it’s important to set your key objectives. You will need to establish clear goals with your agency to make sure they understand your brand’s vision and what you really want to achieve. Define what you want from the get-go and make sure your agency understands how your business defines success and what it wants to achieve.

Keep them updated

Every bit of insight you share with your agency builds a bigger picture of your brief. An agency will want to know your brand inside and out, what your company culture is like, any issues you face as a business or any record-breaking results. No matter how obvious you think it may be, share it; you never know what it might lead to or what creative idea it could spark.

Get to know the creative process

One of the most important parts of working with an agency is ensuring clients understand the creative process. Give as much lead time as you can and share your thoughts with your agency. This will make the creative process run a lot smoother and ensure deadlines are met.

Transparent communication

If clients provide multiple rounds of feedback from different members of the team, projects are likely to get muddled and go over budget. A project lead that is able to agree and collate all your feedback in one will guarantee a seamless process from start to finish.

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