‘Real talk’ – How to connect with Generation Z

If you only had 8 seconds to market your brand, how would you do it?

8 seconds is the average attention span of Generation Z (Gen Z); a group of individuals born between the mid-1990s to the late 2000s. By 2020, they will make up 40%[1] of consumers so if your brand relies on the Gen Z audience, it’s time to get to know what makes them tick.

 We talk to Rave’s Creative Account Director, Kate, who tells us more…

Why is everyone talking about Generation Z?

Generation Z are characteristically less driven by purpose and emotion than their predecessors, but they are more tech-savvy, ethically responsible and trust driven. Therefore, our marketing campaigns need to reflect their desire for uniqueness and creativity, while breaking away from conventional frameworks.

Can you share some Generation Z marketing characteristics?

Born into the digital world, Gen Z is a group that have only ever known the world of mobile technology and social media. From a young age, their mobile became their lifeline, immediately connecting them to all aspects of society in an instant.

Their buying behaviour is highly influenced by social media. According to Social Media Week, 44% of Gen Z check their social media profiles every hour! As marketers, it’s important that we are conscious of their constant interactions and exposure to digital marketing – our approaches must be unique, clever and quick to digest.

How can I successfully market my brand to Generation Z?

  • Social media – Social media is the most powerful and influential purchasing tool, with YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram recognised as the three most used social channels that will influence Gen Z’s purchase decisions. Brands that deliver content across a range of social platforms, including the above, create an opportunity to share their story uninterrupted whilst influencing and reaching more individuals. Remember this is a wary generation, so they’ll see right through any obvious “money-making” campaigns. Be subtle with your selling approach; create something that incites care or entertains and informs. Show off your authentic brand story!
  • Influencer marketing – Gen Z resonate highly with influencers. They look to them for inspiration and information so running an influencer marketing campaign is a key way of  developing brand awareness and targeting Gen Z in the most relatable way. It’s worth noting that Gen Z expect their influencers to live by their personal brand values, so it’s important to choose wisely, ensuring you work with influencers that offer transparency and authenticity.
  • Email marketing – You may have thought email marketing was on its way out with all the daunting GDPR jargon, but according to Campaign Monitor, 31% of Gen Z prefer to receive emails from brands a couple of times a week, therefore email marketing should form a key part of your strategy. Emails need to be visually appealing, so get creative! Think about how you can communicate your message to stand out from the crowd. Use animation, video, engaging imagery and creative copywriting. They should also be personalised to the individual (an important factor for Gen Z) and include actions that will grab their attention, such as unique incentives and offers.
  • Experiential marketing – From immersive experiences to product launches, stunts and events, experiential marketing allows you to create shareable and memorable content that will engage Gen Z, thus creating unforgettable experiences between the brand and consumer.


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[1] https://www.adweek.com/digital/josh-perlsteinsponse-media-guest-post-generation-z/