Take 5 with Kate

Meet Kate, our Creative Account Director at Rave. With over six years’ experience in the creative industry, Kate has worked on a range of global accounts across the trade and consumer industry.

With a background in photography and brand marketing, Kate heads up the creative team at Rave, taking a lead on projects and campaigns. We take 5 with Kate…


What does creativity mean to you?

To me, creativity is the heartbeat of an agency. It’s the ability to turn imaginative, innovative and even unusual ideas into reality, using a mix of original ideas and influence from everything around us, from the places we visit to the food we eat. I love to be around passionate creatives and believe that everyone has the ability to be creative – as marketers, I think we should be inspiring this mentality in our clients too.


What challenges do you think brands face today?

I think brands are under pressure to stay original and purposeful. Our audiences are savvy; they know what that want, and they want to believe that brands are passionate about what they do. Brands shouldn’t be afraid to re-invent the wheel. In such a fast-paced society, there’s no time to stand still. 


With a background in photography, what drew you to creative marketing?

 I’ve always known I wanted to work in the creative industry and luckily managed to land a job in marketing straight out of university. Straight away, I knew I had found where I belonged. I fundamentally believe creative marketing can influence the survival of a business – and the messages and campaigns we produce can impact public decisions for the better.


Which creative campaign over the last year has stood out to you the most?

There are loads! However, I really love Channel’s 4 talent campaign, which celebrates the diversity of its stars. It supports Channel 4’s positioning as a bold and quirky personality. Check it out here.