Take 5 with Lina

Meet Lina, our PR Account Director at Rave. With over five years’ industry experience, Lina has generated high-profile brand exposure for our B2B and B2C clients across national, lifestyle and trade media.

With a background in journalism, Lina heads up the PR team leading on content writing, event management and press liaison. We take 5 with Lina…

  1. With the prevalence of digital technology, how relevant is traditional PR in a digital world?

I believe traditional PR avenues, such as print, still have a role to play and I don’t think we should simply ignore what has worked for so many years – traditional PR should still form part of our strategy. That said, digital PR is changing the media landscape and has so much more to offer.

Digital PR has shifted the way we create and distribute content and how we measure success for our clients. It has changed how our clients communicate with customers and gives them a direct connection with their target audience. It’s a huge opportunity for brands and we should embrace it!

  1. What challenges do you think the PR industry faces?

I think being able to cut through the noise is still a major challenge – there’s a real need for agencies to be authentic and provide high-quality, thought-provoking content to the media. We need to be selective in our approach when it comes to ‘selling-in’ and take the time to understand the media and who we are targeting if we want to achieve results.

Another challenge is keeping people engaged – we can’t apply the same approach for each client and expect it to work. Whilst traditional PR is valuable, we need to be open to exploring other avenues such as influencer marketing and video campaigns.

  1. With a PR background, why did you choose to work within a full-service agency as opposed to a PR agency?

I wanted to be a part of something bigger and have the chance to learn new skills. Creativity fuels Rave and the work we deliver for our clients, so it’s great to be surrounded by designers and digital experts that I can learn from.

  1. What inspires you the most?

In the world of work, I’d say developing meaningful relationships and seeing results. I work with clients that see the value in what we do, which in turn, inspires me to drive PR results and beat our targets year-on-year.

Outside of work, I’d say anything that generates positivity and good energy inspires me. I am currently listening to On Purpose by Jay Shetty – his podcast is motivating, insightful and real, it kick-starts my day and inspires me to challenge myself.

  1. If you could offer one piece of advice to those just starting their career in PR, what would it be?

Just one is tricky so here’s two:

Earn your trust. When you walk into a new career, you have to earn the trust of your clients, your team and the media. This takes time so be patient. But once you’ve earnt it, new opportunities will come your way.

Embrace challenges. Don’t shy away from something that doesn’t fit the job spec. Instead, ask questions, be willing to learn from others and rise to the challenge. A boutique full-service agency will give you more freedom to widen your skillset and take on new challenges.