What are the benefits of sales promotions for trade clients?

A successful sales promotion will enable brands to differentiate themselves from the competition, improve brand awareness and strengthen customer loyalty.[1]

Our Creative Director, Kate, takes the lead on sales promotions for our clients. She has a keen eye for what makes a strong sales promotion and has executed them successfully countless times. Kate shares more on why sales promotions are beneficial for trade clients…

Generates awareness

A successful sales promotion can help generate brand and product awareness, strengthening the brand’s position in the market. I think the most effective way to do this is to incorporate POS instore, direct mail and emails as part of a push campaign strategy.

Boosts customer involvement

More often than not, sales promotions will involve some form of competition or giveaway. This encourages customers to engage with your brand and product offering. When we have previously implemented sales promotions for our clients, we ask customers to head to a specially designed microsite where they enter a code from their receipt to win a prize.

Reduces inventory

Many trade products are seasonal and therefore have to be sold within a specific timeframe. If a brand has surplus stock of these items, a sales promotion can be a great way to reduce inventory. This also applies for stock nearing its expiration date.

Develops strong retail partnerships

A sales promotion that is exclusive to a specific retailer can enhance existing and potential partnerships. It will drive sales to their outlet and, in return, they will help push the promotion for you!

We’ve worked alongside Johnstone’s Paint and Leyland Trade to develop sales promotions throughout the year. Check them out here.



[1] https://www.knowthis.com/sales-promotion/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-sales-promotion/